Which Beastmode Comes Out in 2017? 

According to Michael Silver, the Oakland Raiders and veteran running back Marshawn Lynch have come to an agreement for Lynch to return to play in the 2017-18 NFL season. The running back is currently under contract with the Seattle Seahawks, so there are a few apparent obstacles to overcome before this deal can become official.  … Continue reading Which Beastmode Comes Out in 2017? 

News and Notes NFC North

Here we are. The middle of the offseason and a lot of the big free agency moves have been made, but right now, we’re sitting at the calm before the storm known as the NFL Draft.  In these news and notes columns, I'll hit each franchise from the NFC North and give some insight their possible … Continue reading News and Notes NFC North

Top NFC Playoff Threats 

As the regular season is coming to a close, a lot of teams within the NFC are getting hot. With that, it's important that we recognize which teams may have short-lived dreams this season, and which franchises could go all the way Here are the top three biggest threats to represent the NFC in the … Continue reading Top NFC Playoff Threats