Which Quarterbacks Deserve New Contracts?

As everyone knows, the centerpiece to any NFL franchise is the quarterback position. The man under center is ultimately granted most of the credit when it comes to the success of an organization, but are also blamed for their shortcomings as well. Plenty of quarterbacks have shined in recent years, as some currently have the … Continue reading Which Quarterbacks Deserve New Contracts?

Are the Raiders Overpaying Derek Carr?

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Oakland Raiders and quarterback Derek Carr are close to finalizing a deal in which Carr will make roughly $25 million per season. While the details are still unofficial, this extension is all but signed already. Throughout the 2016-17 season, there was speculation that Carr would be the first … Continue reading Are the Raiders Overpaying Derek Carr?

Should Washington Trade Kirk Cousins?

With the NFL off-season fast approaching, there is a lot of buzz to keep around the league  that could make this off-season really interesting; one of those story is the drama between the Washington Redskins and their franchise quarterback Kirk Cousins.  Since last off-season, Cousins has been asking to get a new contract the problem with … Continue reading Should Washington Trade Kirk Cousins?

Cousins Expected To Return To Washington 

Per a familiar source involving ESPN, it has been reported that if Cousins and the Redskins do not come to an agreement involving a contract extension by March, the team will opt to use the franchise tag on the quarterback for the second time. Cousins bet on himself in a make or break year this … Continue reading Cousins Expected To Return To Washington 

Fantasy Cheat Sheet: Quarterbacks to Take 

As there are only 43 days until the NFL is underway, that also means that fantasy football is in the air. The quarterback position can be the backbone of your team if you reach at the right time. Here are some quarterbacks you should (and shouldn't) consider taking.  The Alpha: Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers)  After an … Continue reading Fantasy Cheat Sheet: Quarterbacks to Take 

Predictions By Division: NFC East

Washington Redskins : The Redskins were divison winners in the 2015-16, only to be eliminated in the wildcard round at the hands of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The Redskins had become what they had aspired to be over the last few years, a division winning team. With additions of Josh Norman and … Continue reading Predictions By Division: NFC East

Contract Talks Between Redskins and Kirk Cousins have “broken off”

At around 1pm central time on February 16th, it was reported by Adam Schefter that the Redskins and QB kirk Cousins have ended talks and no more talks were planned. This is shocking for many as the Redskins have struggled with the QB spot ever since RGIII got injured the very first time in his … Continue reading Contract Talks Between Redskins and Kirk Cousins have “broken off”