Preseason Takeaways: Week One Edition

Football is finally back, as all 32 franchises underwent their first preseason games of the 2017-18 season this past weekend. While headlines have surfaced involving the suspension of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot, buzz has also been surrounding the quarterback play of upcoming rookies. Here are the takeaways from each preseason matchup over the … Continue reading Preseason Takeaways: Week One Edition

Which Quarterbacks Deserve New Contracts?

As everyone knows, the centerpiece to any NFL franchise is the quarterback position. The man under center is ultimately granted most of the credit when it comes to the success of an organization, but are also blamed for their shortcomings as well. Plenty of quarterbacks have shined in recent years, as some currently have the … Continue reading Which Quarterbacks Deserve New Contracts?

Should Garoppolo Remain In New England? 

With the 2017 NFL season starting up in a few months, there are a handful of headlines leading into the season. One story involves the defending Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, and backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who is set to become a free agent after this season. With that, should Garoppolo stay in … Continue reading Should Garoppolo Remain In New England? 

Jimmy Garoppolo; What’s the Price?

The New England Patriots' young backup Jimmy Garoppolo is probably the hottest trade piece in the NFL right now, unless you consider Tony Romo a hotter piece. Garappolo showed a great amount of skill in almost 3/4 of the opening games, while Tom Brady was suspended, for the Pats before he was injured.  Garoppolo has a … Continue reading Jimmy Garoppolo; What’s the Price?

Should New England Trade Jimmy Garoppolo?

After starting the past two games for the New England Patriots, backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has been creating a lot of headlines for himself around the league.  Within the two games that he has played, rumors have been tossed around that the team should trade Garoppolo when Tom Brady comes back, due to his high … Continue reading Should New England Trade Jimmy Garoppolo?

Patriots 53 man roster

As many people know the Patriots have one of if not the best team in the league with loads and loads of depth but the problem is that you can't keep all of the depth so today I will be projecting players that will make the team and players that will not. Offense Quarterbacks Tom … Continue reading Patriots 53 man roster

How Did Jimmy Garoppolo Do In First Start Of The 2016 Preseason?

Leading up to the preseason, the main story for the New England Patriots is how would Jimmy Garoppolo do in the preseason to get ready for the first 4 games of the season starting at quarterback. In the first quarter, Garoppolo did not look that great, missing receivers and not completing a lot of his … Continue reading How Did Jimmy Garoppolo Do In First Start Of The 2016 Preseason?