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Will Lacy Become Dead Weight for Seahawks Fanatics? 

As reported on Monday, newly acquired Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy has cashed in for a total of $55,000 for weighing in under 255 pounds. This was all part an incentive put within Lacy’s contract, as multiple of these similar milestones have been placed upon the veteran throughout the year. In fact, in the

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Why Adrian Peterson to the Lions Isn’t a Bad Idea

Adrian Peterson to Detroit seems like a disaster, but see why it isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Green Bay Packers Vs Minnesota Vikings Game Preview

Heading into week 17, there are still playoff spots and division titles up for grabs. One division that is up for grabs is NFC North, between Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. Due to the Packers losing Sunday to Arizona Cardinals, and Vikings winning vs New York Giants, these two teams are going to play

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