2017 NFL Predictions

As preseason football in underway, it's never too early to predict what will happen come February. With that, a group here at The Athletes Hub elected to get together, and answer some of the most riveting debates around the NFL. The topics include who will win Rookie of the Year, MVP, a ticket to the … Continue reading 2017 NFL Predictions

Are the Raiders Overpaying Derek Carr?

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Oakland Raiders and quarterback Derek Carr are close to finalizing a deal in which Carr will make roughly $25 million per season. While the details are still unofficial, this extension is all but signed already. Throughout the 2016-17 season, there was speculation that Carr would be the first … Continue reading Are the Raiders Overpaying Derek Carr?

AFC West Fantasy & Season Predictions

Over the past five years, the AFC West has essentially been flipped upside down. It seems like just yesterday that the Broncos were coming off of their Super Bowl winning season, as the Raiders were the typical Raiders we’ve grown to picking on each year. The tides have certainly changed, as the Raiders are growing … Continue reading AFC West Fantasy & Season Predictions

How Far Will Oakland Go Without Derek Carr?

During Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr fractured his fibula in the second half, ending his season.  Even though the team won the game, how far will the team go in the playoffs without their quarterback and locker room leader? In 15 games this season, Carr threw for 3,933 yards, 28 … Continue reading How Far Will Oakland Go Without Derek Carr?

How Much Is Derek Carr Worth?

In the 2014 draft, the Oakland Raiders found a gem in the second round of the draft, selecting Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr, hoping that he can be the quarterback that the team has been searching for. Two weeks ago, a report came out that the team is prioritizing to discuss a new deal with Carr, … Continue reading How Much Is Derek Carr Worth?

Who Leads The NFL MVP Race? 

The NFL season is just over halfway through, and a lot of players have molded themselves into potential 2016 MVP candidates. With a handful of players in the mix, here are five players that should be considered for MVP by the end of it all: 5. Julio Jones (51 rec, 970 receiving yards, 5 TD) … Continue reading Who Leads The NFL MVP Race? 

This is Oaklands Year in the West

The AFC West was a one or two team division last year and recent years before, and neither of those teams being Oakland. It had mostly been either owned by Denver, or competitive between Denver and Kansas City. San Diego at one point was even better than Oakland for a while, but this next year … Continue reading This is Oaklands Year in the West