Is This the Best Patriots Roster Since 2007?

The New England Patriots have had a pretty successful offseason in early 2017, retooling for yet another Super Bowl run, after defeating the Atlanta Falcons in an incredible 25-point comeback. The front office re-signed some key players, as well as gain a few stars and low-key budget players along the way. All in all, can … Continue reading Is This the Best Patriots Roster Since 2007?

QB Profile : Chad Kelly

Selected with the very last pick in the 2017 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos, 23-year old quarterback Chad Kelly out of Ole Miss was brought into the NFL. The nephew of all-time NFL great Jim Kelly, Chad was a highly watched scout both on and off the field, as he had a tendency of … Continue reading QB Profile : Chad Kelly

Trubisky & The Bears: What’s The Plan?

For anybody that's been following the 2017 NFL Draft, they're aware that the Chicago Bears traded up on Thursday night to go to from pick #3, to pick #2, giving the San Francisco 49ers their 1st rounder this year (No. 3 Overall), 3rd rounder this year (No. 67 Overall), 4th Rounder this year (No. 111 … Continue reading Trubisky & The Bears: What’s The Plan?

2017 NFL Draft: Day 2 Live Pick-By-Pick Results

2017 NFL Draft