Elliot Suspended Six Games by NFL


Throughout the summer of 2017, the rumored talks of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot potentially being suspended by the NFL has gone back and forth between the media, insiders, and fans across the nation. According to multiple reports, Elliot has been suspended by the league for six games for his involvement in a domestic violence incident in July of 2016. While the police have suspended their previous investigation against the running back, the NFL obviously had a different agenda.

Just last year, Elliot was accused of five incidents of domestic violence by his then-girlfriend within a six-day span. While no charges were formally filed against the 22-year old, Elliot’s question of character didn’t seem as a concern to the Cowboys franchise in the 2016 NFL Draft, as they selected the Ohio State superstar with the #4 pick within the first round.

Elliot was also involved in a St. Patrick’s Day parade incident in March, as he appeared to pull the top down off of a female. To add to the list, Elliot was also at fault within a bar incident just a month ago, which ultimately sent the other individual to the hospital.

Since incidents involving players such as Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, and Ray Rice, the NFL has adjusted their Personal Conduct Policy, which ultimately creates a baseline of six regular season games for any domestic violence issue. With that, the amount of games Elliot could potentially be sidelined for will depend on the circumstances, which seem circumstantial at best.

Due to an assumed upcoming appeal, the six games could very well be reduced to a minimum of two or three. Had the suspension been given due to Elliot’s ongoing incidents building up, the suspension would have likely been two games. Due to the announcement of six games, it’s believed that the NFL has found enough evidence to claim that Elliot has wrongfully placed his hands on a woman.

According to veterans including Jason Witten and Dez Bryant, the franchise seemed confident that Elliot will be prepared to play in week one against the New York Giants. As soon as the suspension was handed out, owner Jerry Jones was furious with the decision on behalf of the NFL, and it’s foolish to believe he won’t fight back.

If Elliot is suspended by the NFL for the full six games, the Cowboys will lean Alfred Morris, Darren McFadden, and free agent acquisition Ronnie Hillman. Between the three, they share 19 years of NFL experience, as the Cowboys are currently looking at their worst case scenario.

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