What Super Bowl LIV Means for Garoppolo


As Super Bowl LIV approaches, fans can only fill their addiction to a particular degree. The issue with predicting change in the NFL is knowing what organizations have already discussed in the week and months prior to arriving at this Super Bowl. Let’s take a look at two hypothetical scenarios for the San Francisco 49ers if they win or lose the Super Bowl LIV.

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If the 49ers win, will we apologize for the negative Jimmy Garoppolo takes?

Handing out apologies in sports isn’t something that occurs often, but anything can happen in a Super Bowl. Are we too used to Tom Brady letting us know about his ring count? Have we been programmed by the quarterback greats of the past so much we forget the “less popular quarterback” can actually win the game? For every Tom Brady and Peyton Manning comes Nick Foles and Eli Manning. Despite the stats, on-the-field game proof, and game film, the possibility of Jimmy Garoppolo outplaying Patrick Mahomes is possible.

Eli Manning had a dominate offensive line, punishing running backs, and an all-time ranked defense, but he still had to make the throws needed to win. Joe Flacco may not have repeated the glory of his Super Bowl win, but he still was a main reason for the Baltimore Ravens playoff run. Often times, the opposing quarterback can perform just as great as we think the more popular quarterback.

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If the 49ers lose, what will the quarterback position look like?

Let us get this narrative out of the way on Jimmy Garoppolo. He was sought after, traded for, granted a lucrative deal, got injured, returned, showed flashes, turned the ball over, and is now sitting in the Super Bowl. One of the issues (not always a negative) with having an already-paid quarterback is pairing them with an offensive wizard who seems to be able to turn most quarterbacks into a starter.

Nick Mullens may not have been a household name last season, but he was able to flourish under Kyle Shanahan’s offense while Garappolo recovered from his knee injury. What does that mean for Garoppolo if he struggles and the 49ers lose to the Chiefs? With a head coach like Shanahan, it could spell the beginning of the end if the 49ers begin to be pressed for cap space.

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