Suns to Sign Brandon Knight

According to the Racine Journal-Times, the Phoenix Suns and point guard Brandon Knight are getting ready to sign a five year, $70 million dollar contract. Knight, who was originally on the Bucks before a multi-team trade in Febuary, is very eager to be part of a long-term deal. 

The contract isn’t a max offer, as the max would be $90 million instead of $70 million. Although it’s not the most amount of money Knight could have received, I believe this was the most any team was prepared to offer him during free agency. 

Before being traded by the Bucks, Knight averaged 18 ppg and 5 apg, shooting 41% from three-point range. After being traded though? Knight struggled. Social media and critics will continue to crush the Suns for offering a deal to someone who has yet to show his max potential, but that seems like a chance the Suns are willing to take.  

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