Strowman vs Reigns at WWE Fastlane 


This Sunday will be WWE’s third time holding the Fastlane pay per view. There will be many matches held, but the one that I am looking forward to the most is Braun Strowman facing off against Roman Reigns. 

This match has been built up since the Royal Rumble in January. But, if you really followed all of it, these men have been feuding for awhile. 

In fact, it has been since Strowman debuted the night after Summerslam with the Wyatt Family, as he attacked Reigns and Dean Ambrose on Monday Night Raw.

This feud ignited once again when Reigns was on the verge of defeating current WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens. This was until Strowman interfered, and under “no disqualification” rules, was able to aid Owens in the win by beating down Reigns and putting him through a table. 

The next night, Strowman would receive his promised Universal Championship match that would almost be an easy win. That was until Reigns got involved and made the match go to a disqualification, which would allow Strowman the win, but not the title. 

In these past few weeks, Strowman has proven that he is ready for anything. From defeating the Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry, to defeating the Worlds Largest Athlete, The Big Show, he has had to deal with the toughest of matchups. 

The reason why Strowman needs this win is to prove that he is in fact the next big thing for the WWE. He has the skills, the strength, and the promo ability to hype himself and any match he is in. If you haven’t noticed, Reigns is currently the top guy (if you exclude Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar from the conversation). 

The greatest thing for Strowman would be a victory, because it can provide a push that’ll result in a possible Universal Championship run, or winning the Andrè the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at this years Wrestlemania.

Photo Credit: Heavy.com
Article Written By Rami Hanna

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