Steve Smith Sr. Out For The Season

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After announcing leading up to this season, that it is going to be his last season and he is retiring this offseason. Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver Steve Smith Sr came back to the team in a quest for a Super Bowl ring. News gets from bad to worse for Smith, after getting in an MRI revealing that he has suffered a torn Achilles ending his season possibly his career unless Smith comes back next season which is likely. Ravens went on to win the game 29-26 over San Diego Chargers

In six games this season Smith recorded 41 receptions, 3 touchdowns, for 588 yards. In a losing season for the Ravens, Smith has been a bright spot of the teams offense and Joe Flacco’s favorite wide receiver. Smith was hoping the success the team had last season would transfer into this season so far it has not been working so well last place in the AFC North only having two wins on the season.

There is a reason why Smith is one of the greatest receiver to ever plat the game. He has great hands, showcased with he played for the Carolina Panthers, with amazing speed the ability to burn the secondary on his way to the end zone. Smith is not the same franchise wide receiver he once was, but he is still a great veteran wide receiver. Smith can put up over 1000 yards receiving, and six more touchdowns a season when he is healthy and not injured. Smith is also a good locker room leader on and off the field

The team will be missing a big target with Smith being out for the season, he was the number 1 option at receiver. Now that he is out, some of the young receivers will have to step up in his absence. The person that gets hurt by this injury the most is quarterback Joe Flacco, since he was his favorite and most reliable target to throw at. Even thought the team is having a losing season, his presence will of lost on and off the field  since he is a big locker room leader.

On the Smith side of things, this must be really heartbreaking for him if his career ends like this. Even though this is season ending and possibly career ending, Smith will never be forgotten for what he has done on the field, with his performance season after season and off the field becoming a great leader with the Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens.

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