Steve Kerr Confirms Curry to Play in Game 4

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In the end of the Rockets-Warriors series, star player Steph Curry went down with injury. It was a knee/ankle type injury that has kept the player out. After the Trailblazers were able to cut the series lead to 2-1, the biggest question heading into Game 4 was if Curry was going to play. But that question was answered in the pre-game press conference, to a degree of course.

When any player, especially a superstar, comes back from injury you don’t want to just throw them into the game. Add the playoffs into the mix and you definitely don’t want to just throw him back in. With that being said Coach Kerr had some conditions to see if he was going to out Curry in tonight.

He said if all goes well in pre-game warm-ups then he will put Curry in the game. He didn’t. however, discuss how many minutes Curry would get if he came back into the lineup. But does Curry come back really help them?

We all know Steph Curry is not the best defensive player by any means imaginable.  In the Warriors Game 3 loss, the offense is not what hurt them. The defense play was incredibly bad, with Draymond Green taking the player. However, Curry’s “man” when on the court is Damian Lillard.

That is no easy task and Curry has proven in the past that he cannot lock up Lillard. In a regular season game, Curry allowed Lillard to drop 51 points, which considering it being in Portland and Lillard coming off another big game? It doesn’t sound good for rusty Curry.

But if this does have an effect on the game, we will just have to wait and see. In the end, do not expect Curry to go out there and drop 40-50 points. Curry, if anything, will just be a game manger and probably have a good number of assist. It’ll take Curry a few games to get his points rolling again.

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