Stephen Strasburg Signs Long Term Deal With Washington

Nick Wass/Associated Press

The Washington Nationals has resigned an important player, the team and ace pitcher Stephen Strasburg agreed on an extension it’s a seven year deal worth $175 million dollars. Ever since arriving in the MLB in 2010, Strasburg has been all the team hoped for and more. Becoming the team’s franchise number 1 top of the line pitcher.

Strasberg proved that he has the skills to be an elite pitcher. Strasburg has a great command of his pitches, throws pitches with good speed and velocity. Strasberg can go 6 innings, throwing strikeouts after strikeouts. He is the top of the rotation ace that can give up double digit wins.

Washington now has one less thing to worry about, now that Strasburg is now locked up long term. The team is doing a smart thing giving him the deal now instead of waiting and letting him free agency, where he can get $200 million dollars or even more from some team. Even though money wise, it’s a lot, teams have to pay a lot to keep elite ace number 1 top of the line ace pitchers.

Now that Strasburg is getting paid like an elite pitcher, now he has to prove he is worth it. The way he has proven it is if he consistently putting up double digit win seasons, while throwing for over 100 strikeout season after season. If Strasburg can do that, he will be all worth the money the team is paying him

With Strasburg now locked up, the next person to look at to get a big deal is Bryce Harper. Harper has proven that he is ready for a big time deal, with the numbers that he produced since coming into the league. Harper will most likely look for more than 100 million dollars in his search for a new deal from the team. He can more than likely get that amount of cash in free agency.


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