Steelers RB Facing a 4-Game Suspension


Early Friday morning, NFL Insider Dan Graziano reported that running back Le’Veon Bell will face a 4-game suspension for a missed drug test.

This isn’t the first time that Bell has faced a suspension. In the summer of 2015, Bell was arrested and charged with DUI and marijuana possession. He faced a 2-game suspension after he appealed the then 4-game suspension.

That very well could be the case here since the appeal process is underway as we speak. This is a huge blow to the Steelers considering Bell is a huge part of their offense. 

This could severely hurt the Steelers as the Steelers first four games include the Redskins, Bengals, and Chiefs, which are teams that all made the playoffs last year.

To clear confusion, this is not a failed drug test, this is however a missed drug test. The NFL hasn’t issued an official statement yet because the appeal process is occurring. 

It is believed that it will be heard before the season starts, meaning that Bell could miss anywhere from 2-4 games.

The Steelers are already without wide receiver Martavis Bryant due to suspension, so the loss of Bell could really hurt the Steelers. 

I would expect the appeal to work in Bell’s favor, considering this is only a missed test. In most cases, the common prediction would be that Bell may only miss 1-2 games (assuming the appeal works). 

Image Credit: Peter Diana/Post-Gazette

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