Steals of the 2015 NFL Draft

1: Leonard Williams (USC) #6 New York Jets (DT): Leonard Williams may be the biggest steal of the draft this year. In my opinion, he is the most talented incoming player and would have likely been the first overall pick if the top two teams didn’t both need QB’s. Williams is a plug in the middle of the defense and stuffs the run constantly, but can also get after the QB.

2: Dorial Green Beckham (Missouri) #40 Tennessee Titans (WR): DGB may be the second most talented receiver in the draft (behind Cooper). He contains great potential and has a good physical frame. Beckham has a huge ceiling and the sky is  the limit for this kid, one thing he does have in his back pocket is the fact that he probably has the most potential in the draft. Beckham has great toughness and will hopefully be a good fit with Mariota as his quarterback. Some Titan fans are hoping he becomes the next Kenny Britt, while other fans remain skeptical because of Beckham’s off the field troubles.

3: Tevin Coleman (Indiana) #73 Mark ants Falcons (RB)
Pure Speed. By the time you just read those two words, Tevin Coleman would be 5 steps ahead of you on his way to the end zone. Pure Speed is the perfect description for Coleman. Some stars you could compare Coleman to in the NFL would be LeSean McCoy and C.J. Spiller. For a young man who was drafted in the third round this year, he is an absolute steal. He fits into the Falcons system perfectly. He is not the most talented RB, but he may be a surprise to many fans across the nation.

Honorable Mentions
Shane Ray (Missouri) and Randy Gregory (Nebraska) are both troubled players off the field, but  many teams may be missing out. Both guys are very quick off the snap and are talented pass rushers. Given that, I’m not sold on how well they will handle all this freedom, although Randy Gregory has a great support staff with Dallas. Time will tell if they can handle the NFL. The talent on the field is there but what about off the field?

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