Starlin Castro Heading To New York

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The New York Yankees are a team that are looking to make moves during the Winter Meetings. The team made a huge move acquiring Starlin Castro from the Chicago Cubs for Adam Waren and Brendon Ryan. Yankees are trying to bounce back from last year wildcard game loss to the Houston Astros. Expect the team to make more moves this offseason, to improve the team in order to contend in the American League East and go back to being the powerhouse team it once was.

Last season in 151 games played, Castro hit 11 homeruns, 69 RBI, .296 OBP, with a batting average of .265.In a surprising season, where Cubs made the playoffs when nobody expected the team to make it, Castro played a good role on the team offensively and defensively. Castro made a big difference in the Cubs lineup. When Castro is at his best, it is hard to stop him.

Castro is a great young shortstop. he has a good bat, a good strong arm. He has the ability to hit for over 10 homeruns and 60 RBI. Castro is a good middle of the lineup contract hitter. Do not expect him to have a 20 homerun season. What Castro is known for is getting on base with hits on contact, helping the team score runs getting awarded with an RBI.

Yankees are getting a great player in Castro, the team has been looking for someone to replace legend Derek Jeter who retired two years ago Castro is the type of guy that can replace him, even though the team is most likely going to play him at second base. The team is building to win right now, and for the future with this move. With Castro being only 25 years old, the team can get a good amount of years out of him in his prime. Expect the team to put him in the middle of the lineup. Castro is a big upgrade at second base then Dustin Ackley.

Cubs are getting a good young starting pitcher in Waren, the team needed to make room for Ben Zobrist who the team signed to a deal earlier in the day. Waren will most likely be in the bottom 3 of the rotation.  Ryan is a good pickup as well someone who can be a good depth player right now. The main piece of the deal going to the cubs is Warren.

Yankees wins this deal. The team did not give up a lot for an all star player like Castro. Cubs would of gotten more for Castro if the team waited more into free agency, but the team had to deal him after landing Zobrist. Right now and for the future Yankees win since this trade. Castro going to be a big help to get the team back on the winning track now and for the future.

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