Stanton’s “Struggles”?

The Miami Marlins sit at an unimpressive 20-30 so far this season, and all that leaves fans to brag about is their franchise player; Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton has been just about one of the best MLB players so far this season, but is he all that great? 

Through May 30th in the 2014 regular season, Stanton was hitting a dominating .317, not to mention his average home run distance was around 432 feet.  In 2015, Stanton has only been able to produce a .232 batting average, along with a home run distance of 420 feet. 

While the fact that Stanton has been able to smack home runs past 450 feet  through five different occasions, you can’t help but see a slight decline in his performance.  Stanton is without a doubt a top ten to fifteen player in the MLB today, but just how great is he?  

The statistics show that one player can’t carry a team through a season, and Stanton is just one prime example.  Mike Trout of the LA Angels is another case, where his team sits at a mediocre 26-24, sitting 5 games out of the AL West.  

All in all, Stanton may have a slight decline, and people should be keeping a close eye on him through the rest of the MLB season.  

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