Stanton Lands on DL With Hand Injury

After an apparent hand injury to Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, the team may be in for a rough ride. Stanton has a broken hamate bone in his left hand and may be out from anywhere to 4-6 weeks. Surgery will need to take place for the young star, so now you have to wonder if he will be the same when he returns to the lineup. 

Cole Gillespie has been recalled from Triple-A to fill Stanton’s slot as of Saturday, and all eyes will be on the man filling big shoes. The Marlins as a team have lost 5 straight games now, but the return of Stanton is more important than any amount of wins or losses. 

Stanton is a two-time all star, but injuries have kept the stud from breaking out into an MVP candidate. Stanton’s return is crucial to the Miami Marlins, who look just about doomed without their power-hitter. 

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