Blackhawks Win the Stanley Cup


Game 6, Chicago trying to win their first Stanley Cup at home in 77 years while the Lightning try to tie the series and force a game 7. As every other game this series, you knew it was going to be a highly contested one.

The theme of the game like every game this series is physicality. Both teams hitting hard and brutally slamming each other into every board they can. Once again, goaltending was a huge factor with “Big” Ben Bishop in net for the Lightning, facing off against the very good Corey Crawford.

Period one, both teams come out hot skating fast and hard. Ben Bishop was tested early and often with Chicago putting 13 shots on net, forcing Bishop to make some very good saves. While Chicago’s defense was standing tall only letting the top scoring offense of Tampa Bay get 4 shots on net, it made Crawford’s night easy so far. End score after 20 minutes; 0-0.

The second period started the same as the first; fast paced and hard hitting. By all means, this period was a riveting and exciting one. Tampa Bay from the start had a good offensive attack going, putting up seven good shots this period, making it a tough one for Crawford. But once again, defense has been the story of this game as Chicago stopped Tampa Bay on every attack. Chicago had a very good offensive attack going again this period, putting 10 shots on net. With Duncan Keith adding onto an outstanding postseason,  he scored the first and only goal of the game so far at the 17:13 mark with a sweet assist from Patrick Kane and Brad Richards. Score after 40 minutes; 1-0 Chicago.

Third period, which was the best one of the series by far. With all 22,000 fans inside Chicago’s stadium on their feet chanting “we want the cup”, the match started the same as the other two periods; with fast paced moving and very hard hitting. Chicago proved that this year was their year with scoring a beauty of a goal at the 14:46 mark into the period by superstar Patrick Kane, coming off a gorgeous assist by Brad Richards. After the goal, Kane skates by the lightning bench with a smile colder than the ice. For the rest of the third period, Crawford was tested heavily, making amazing saves multiple times.

The last two minutes of this game were absolutely the greatest hockey you may ever watch. As the clocked clicked down with all 22,000 Blackhawks’ fans counting down, the horn buzzed and your Stanley Cup champions turned out to be the Chicago Blackhawks.

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