Spurs Lose Ginobili for a Month or More 

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Due to a testicular injury during Wednesday’s victory against the Pelicans, veteran guard for the San Antonio Spurs Manu Ginobili will be on the sidelines for at least a month. 

The 14-year veteran is fourth when it comes to scoring for the Spurs, as he is averaging 10 points a game. The question is, how do you replace a guy like Ginobili? 

Playing with the franchise for so long in his career, Ginobili found himself in a leadership type role with the team. It seems like one player that may have to step up in his absence is guard Danny Green. 

Green has been under the radar so far this season, but the Spurs play with a style in which anyone can shine on the court. 

The Spurs FG % and offensive rating is slightly higher with Ginobili on the court, so it will be interesting to how the team adjusts. 

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