Six NXT Superstars That Should Get Called Up


With the WWE Draft coming up tonight, there are a lot of talks involving the event. Everyone is wondering where their favorite superstar will end up; Raw or SmackDown. 

One thing that is interesting about the draft tonight is that six picks from the draft will be from the NXT Roster. Here are the six superstars that I think should get called up to the main roster and drafted tonight.

6. Austin Aries 

Before coming to NXT, Austin Aries has wrestled all over the world in companies like TNA and ROH. When Aries debuted in NXT, everyone knew who he was due to the success that he had in other companies. 

Aries is known for being a great technical wrestler, using his small size to his advantage, using strikes and submitting people. Aries is also known for being a risk taker, so do not be surprised if he does a high flying move. Even though Aries has only been in NXT for a few months, it would not hurt the company to move him to the WWE, due to Aries already being a well-known superstar in America already. 

The logical thing for the company to do here is to keep Aries in NXT for awhile longer so he can get more ready before moving up to the main roster.

5. Tye Dillinger 

Being in the WWE several times already, Dillinger has had several stints with the company. Dillinger is a guy that has not proven to be a top guy by beating any top contenders in NXT, but what makes him so special right now is his gimmick. 

For the past several months, Dillinger has caught the eye of so many wrestling fans with his perfect ten gimmick getting over with the crowd. Whatever Dillinger is doing with his perfect ten gimmick, it is really working well for him. If there was any time for the WWE to maximize the full potential that Dillinger has, it is right now. Bringing him up to the main roster would a smart idea.

4. Nia Jax  

Ever since debuting in NXT last year, Jax has looked promising in her name in NXT. Jax does not have the typical look of the Women’s in the WWE that are on the roster, she is a powerhouse type of wrestler who uses her power to her advantage and to take down her opponent. 

She has the potential to be a great monster heel in the Women’s division, maybe with a little work one day she can be the champion. She has proven herself in NXT, so the next step for her is obviously the WWE. With the draft tonight and six picks coming from the NXT roster, this will most likely be her chance to move up to the main roster.

3. Jason Jordan Chad Gable

Both of these men have taken NXT by storm during the past few months. Jordan and Gable both have successful amateur wrestling backgrounds, in which both use in a lot in matches to their advantage. These two remind me a lot of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass, since Benjamin and Hass were both successful amateur wrestlers. 

Jordan and Gable are this generation version of Benjamin and Hass. During the past few months, Jordan and Gable have been fan favorites in NXT. If there was any perfect time to move them up, that time would be tonight during the WWE draft. The tag team division needs some new fresh teams, and Jordan and Gable can be the fresh new tag team that the company has been looking for.

2. Bayley 

During her time in NXT, Bayley has become one of the most popular superstars in NXT and the most popular diva on the roster. This is mainly because of her underdog attitude, and her ability to connect with the fans. She is also a solid wrestler, but her main strength is to get the crowd going and get behind her.  

For the past few months, there has been a lot of rumors and speculation of when Bayley was going to get moved up to the main roster, so now is the perfect time to move her up. Considering Sasha Banks needs a partner for Battleground, this might be an option. 

If she does get drafted, she would be the last one out of the four horsewomen to be on the main roster since Charlotte Becky Lynch and Banks are already on the main roster.

1. Finn Balor 

This one is an obvious one, Balor has been maybe the most popular superstar in NXT since arriving in the company. Becoming the longest reigning NXT Champion, holding the title for 292 days surpassing Neville reign of 287 days. Balor’s reign as champion is going to go down as the greatest reign in NXT history. 

Ever since losing to Samoa Joe at a house show, Balor has looked like he has nothing left to do there. He already lost his rematch at Takeover The End, and he lost his recent match to Shinsuke Nakamura. The next best thing for Balor is moving him up to the main roster, and move him right now. Wrestling fans have been speculating for months of when Balor will move up to the WWE, and with NXT being involved in the WWE draft, it will become a reality.

Credit: WWE.com

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