Should UFC Book Nick Diaz vs Michael Bisping?


Every hardcore fan of the UFC has waited for this day to come, as Nick Diaz is no longer suspended and is eligible to compete once again in MMA. After fighting and originally losing to Anderson Silva, it was overturned to a no contest after both Silva and Diaz failed their drug tests and as a result were both suspended.

On September 14, 2015, the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended Diaz for five years and fined him $165,000 following his failed drug test of marijuana metabolites at UFC 183. After appealing it, Diaz accepted a one year suspension and a $100,000 fine. It is now 2018, and as of April 9th, Diaz is finally able to do what he does best.

Once the news broke out, just about everyone was talking about the possibility of former Middleweight champion, Michael Bisping, entering the octagon against Diaz. While Diaz has never held a title under the UFC, his fights feel like they are promoted for one.

Diaz has lost two fights for both the interim and undisputed Welterweight championship against Carlos Condit and Georges St-Pierre, but despite not holding a title, if Diaz were to return to the UFC and fight the former champion Bisping, it would make for an instant classic.

Bisping is coming off two losses, one for his Middleweight title against GSP, and a month later to Kelvin Gastelum. The former champion has said that he feels retired, but if he were to fight Diaz, he would be willing to make it work.

While it’s nowhere near confirmed, this could make for an interesting bout. With “The Brit” vs “Stockton”, this would make for a unique crossover.

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