Should the Yankees Sell Away Their Bullpen? 

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In recent MLB news, it’s been confirmed that multiple organizations have reached out to the Yankees in hopes of receiving one of their bullpen aces; Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller, and Aroldis Champman. The question now becomes if the Yankees are willing to give away a piece of their bullpen or not. Here are the pros and cons of the Yankees trading away their pieces:


On the pro side of things, the Yankees can not seem to hit the ball at all this season. With that being said, if the Yankees give away let’s say Andrew Miller for a batter, that could potentially help the Yankees receive run support in the future. 

Another reason the Yankees should consider this would be because of the egos in the bullpen. It’s obvious that no one likes to be placed in the 7th inning instead of the 9th, so why work so hard to keep everyone happy? With one of the pieces in the bullpen gone, the Yankees have the opportunity to lift moral in the locker room. 

One last reason the Yankees should consider trading away Chapman is because he becomes a free agent next year. With that being said, it’s highly unlikely that Chapman will look to return to the Yankees, only because it’s doubtful that the Yankees will give him any price he asks for. Chapman is currently making $11.325 million dollars this season with the Yankees. 


One reason the Yankees should not do this is because there is never a guarantee that the player you get in return will be your hitting hero. The Yankees have continuously struggled to score runs this season, and it’s doubtful that one or two players will lead them to a division title. 

Another reason the Yankees should stay away from selling their bullpen is because that is their greatest strength. There is currently no team in baseball that can put the game away in the seventh inning besides the Yankees. With the three-headed monster in the bullpen, teams all of a sudden feel pressured to score in the first six innings of the game. 

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