Should The Knicks Overpay For Dwayne Wade?


The NBA free agency is full of wild rumors and wild signings, which makes this time of the NBA year so exciting. We’ve already seen Derrick Rose traded to the Knicks before the period even began. We have Kevin Durant up for grabs for pretty much any team he chooses. The possibilities are endless for this year’s NBA free agency period.

One of the many rumors that’s been going on is that the Knicks would make Dwayne Wade a top priority if Kevin Durant is to pass on New York and sign elsewhere. This may seem like a long shot for the Knicks, as I find it hard to believe Wade will leave Miami. However, it’s certainly worth talking about. Question is: should the Knicks overpay for Wade if the opportunity presents itself?

Well, the Knicks have their recently acquired point guard in former MVP Derrick Rose and they have two top notch forwards in Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. They are also expected to sign Joakim Noah on four year deal with an $18 million annual salary attached to it.

So, that leaves the Knicks in need for a quality shooting guard, and even at 34 years old, Dwayne Wade is still one of the best shooting guards in the league. N0w, Wade is certainly out of his prime in terms of the production that he may produce on the court, however he still does BRING it.

Wade averaged 19 points a game last season, which is seventh among shooting guards and first among free agent shooting guards available, now that Demar Derozan reportedly agreed to a 5 year, $129M contract with the Raptors.

Wade’s value goes beyond his on court production. Wade has the ability to elevate everyone else’s game on the court, as he’s one of the best leaders in the NBA. His maturity and playoff experience could bring the Knicks a VERY good chance to flirt with an NBA Finals next season.

I don’t think Wade’s age is much of a concern either. The Knicks don’t seem to be going in the rebuilding route anymore, as they shouldn’t. The “Melo Window” is closing very soon. Anthony is 32 years of age and it’s hard to believe he can remain elite for many more years down the line.

So, I like the win now mode that Phil Jackson seems to be in. Unless the Knicks are able to land Kevin Durant and/or are sure that Russell Westbrook will be coming to New York next offseason, then I think Dwayne Wade is a NECCESARY priority for any chance at the Knicks making a very serious run at a championship next season.



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