Why Cardinals Shouldn’t Rush Josh Rosen


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In the NFL Draft back in April, the Arizona Cardinals traded up to the #11 pick to select what they hope is their future in QB Josh Rosen out of UCLA. In college, Rosen was regarded as the most NFL-ready quarterback in the class by multiple scouts and fans alike. The Cardinals also signed Sam Braford and Mike Glennon prior to the draft to buy some time before they absolutely needed to start Rosen. After an ugly 24-6 loss to the Washington Redskins in week one, some are already calling to see Rosen in action.

Should the Arizona coaching staff buy into these demands, or stick with Bradford until they are confident in Rosen’s ability to play against NFL competition?

If Rosen is to start as soon as next week (@ Los Angeles Rams), it will be unpredictable and could shake Rosen’s confidence as he is just starting his career. At the same time, he could very well take the league by storm. It is a high risk, high reward scenario, but Rosen has the potential to outshine the other rookie quarterback and give Arizona a source of hope.

If they choose to ride the wave with Sam Bradford for the time being, they allow Rosen to continue to develop as scheduled. Bradford provided a mediocre performance last Sunday, completing 20-34 passes with 153 yards and an interception. Not a lot is expected of this Arizona team to begin with, as keeping Rosen on the sideline is seen as protecting a possible future asset.

As of right now, it’s not smart to throw Rosen to the wolves so early in the season. Cardinals fans shouldn’t hit the panic button just yet, as Rosen has yet to show what he can do against starting NFL talent. Bradford is a serviceable starting quarterback, and he should manage to win a few games alongside weapons in Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson. As of now, Bradford seems to be the best option for this franchise.

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