Why Josh Rosen Makes Sense for New England


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Leading up to the 2019 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals have interest in Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray with the 1st overall pick. With that said, the front office has been shopping around QB Josh Rosen, who the team took in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. One team that has been included as a suitor for Rosen is the New England Patriots. With Tom Brady reaching the end of his career, should New England pull the trigger and trade for the sophomore?

In 14 games played last season, Josh Rosen threw for 2,278 yards, 11 TD, 14 INT, and posted a QBR of 66.7. When the Cardinals originally drafted Rosen, the plan was to sit him behind Sam Bradford in order to learn the designed playbook.  Just three weeks into the season, Bradford turned out to be ineffective, forcing Arizona to make a premature change at the quarterback position.

With Tom Brady entering his 19th season in the NFL at the age of 42, New England is not blind to the fact that a successor will be needed at some point. Despite his play on the field, most estimate that Brady will retire around the year 2021. Securing Rosen as a long-term answer not only allows for hope in a post-Brady era, but allows for the sophomore to learn from the best to ever do it at his position.

When a promising starting quarterback is on the trade market, the asking price is usually steep. According to rumors, the other two franchises included in the race for Rosen include the New York Giants and Los Angeles Chargers. The Cardinals are currently asking for a first-round pick, but one of the three aforementioned organizations has offered a second-round pick. Among common belief, Arizona will not get a first-round selection in return for Rosen.

With Rosen still on his rookie contract, salary cap would not emerge as a barrier for the New England Patriots. Rosen is stuck earning roughly $6M until after the 2021 season.

If the Patriots do not secure Rosen before the start of the NFL Draft, there are plenty of prospects to look into. Among the top realistic options, talents in Will Grier and Daniel Jones could become available at the end of the first round.

However, with Rosen at the forefront of trade talks, the New England Patriots should take a gamble on the 22-year old. It makes sense, but hopefully not too much sense in the case of another organization biting the bait.

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