Should More Teams Consider Mike Vick? 

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All through the NFL offseason, we have seen quarterbacks get signed, drafted, or even traded to franchises. One quarterback that has yet to be signed to a franchise is QB Michael Vick. 

Vick expressed his interest in playing one more year in the NFL, and even made it clear that his desire was to go play for the Dallas Cowboys. 

For the Cowboys, they recently lost Kellen Moore due to a broken ankle, so they technically are in the mix for teams that could use a veteran backup (even though they have rookie Dak Prescott at hand). 

With that being said, should teams be looking more into Vick as a backup opportunity? Last season, Vick was able to complete 60.6% of his passes with the Steelers, but the reason he wasn’t able to succeed as much in other categories is because he was sacked on 13.2% of dropbacks. 

Vick both thinks and plays like a veteran quarterback, so it’s strange that no one is giving him a call for at least a mere workout. Known as one of the best mobile quarterbacks of all time, Vick has went through his ups and downs. 

From being on top of the word to in a jail cell, Vick does deserve a backup slot for the 2016 season, no matter who it may be with. There are plenty of backup quarterbacks that are worse than Vick, let’s make that clear. 

Vick would see himself as one of the top backups in the league, and it’s fair to say that he is probably more suited for teams than let’s say Nick Foles, Josh McCown, Brandon Weeden, etc. 

My personal prediction would be that Vick will not be signed anytime soon, but as soon as backups and maybe even veterans get hurt within the preseason, at least one time will be looking a lot more into Vick. 

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