Should MLS Implement A Relegation and Promotion System?


Major League Soccer is the top soccer league in the United States. However, they seem to be way behind leagues like the Premier League and La Liga as being one of the top leagues in the world. Why is that? 

Well, Premier League and La Liga both have a promotion and relegation system, something many MLS fans say their league needs. However, should they follow the footsteps of these other leagues and implement a relegation/promotion system?

There are many reasons as to why they should. They are one of the only leagues in the world that does not carry a system like this. It would also keep the best teams in one league, while up and coming clubs would have to earn their place among the best. The level of competitiveness might increase, drawing more fans and when more fans are drawn, money soon follows. MLS Commissioner Don Garber has been opposed to the idea. 

“No one looks at the NFL and says it’s not working because there’s no relegation and promotion.” Garber said back in November. I can see his point in that quote. 

However, the NFL and MLS are two different sports (depending on where you are). That comparison doesn’t seem like a feasible one.

However, there are a few problems we might have with a system like this. First off, the US doesn’t have a great youth development program. How does this impact the MLS? Well, as an American league, a lot of players will be American. If we can’t develop our own talent here at home, what’s going to make the international stars want to come over and compete? 

Another impact of this is the fact that it’d be really hard for relegated teams to get promoted. Sure, they’ll have a few good players, regardless of where they’re from, but without the funds to go get more (MLS uses a salary cap) and the lack of talent here in America and even some other parts of the world, you’d find it difficult to find talent through the transfer market or the Superdraft.

These are just some points that I came up with. What do you guys think? Should the MLS come up with a promotion/relegation system or should they keep it they way it is now?


Photo Credit: Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

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