Should Gronkowski Join The WWE?


On February 16th, Dave Meltzer reported that the WWE is interested in signing New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski to the company. In the report, Meltzer stated that the company is willing to offer a similar deal to Gronkowski that they offered to former UFC star Ronda Rousey.

After the Super Bowl loss, Gronkowski took to the podium, noting that he is going to think about his career as a whole. With retirement questions looming, should Rob Gronkowski join the WWE?

Even though he has no wrestling training, Gronkowski is very familiar with the WWE. During countless episodes of Raw and SmackDown, Gronkowski has been shown on camera within the crowd. At WrestleMania last year, he jumped the barricade in order to help his friend Mojo Rawley eliminate Jinder Mahal.

During his NFL career, Gronkowski has suffered several injuries. Some of those injuries include a high ankle sprain in 2011, broken forearm in 2012, torn ACL in 2013, a herniated disk in 2016, and a severe concussion in 2017. Despite being one of the best tight ends in the NFL, Gronkowski has been injury prone for the last few seasons. In fact, the 2011 season was the last time he has played all sixteen regular season games.

Throughout his time with the NFL, Gronkowski has been proven to be very charismatic. That aspect is important in the WWE, simply because having a likable personality helps you connect with the fans. Outside of that, Gronkowski’s physique leads us to believe he is built to be presented as a professional wrestler.

With his laid-back attitude, Gronkowski would be a very convincing face of the WWE. A lot of fans would be able to relate themselves to the NFL star, so the crowd would likely get behind a figure such as himself.

Another route the company could go is by making Gronkowski a heel, pairing him with someone else. With the right partner, Gronkowski could bring in an overwhelming amount of success. How about Mojo Rawley, who turned on Zack Ryder a few months ago?

One problem with the theory of Gronkowski joining the WWE includes his recent history of injuries and whether he could survive in the WWE. In my eyes, the company would do everything possible to make sure Gronkowski stays healthy for as long as possible.

Just a few weeks ago, figures such as Dwayne Johnson and Sylvester Stallone reached out to Gronkowski about potentially becoming a movie star, noting the potential revenue in that field of work. With the rumors swirling, Gronkowski could be in for a massive payday.

With the fact that he is a lifetime wrestling fan, this decision would not be a cash grab for him. In my opinion, Rob Gronkowski would be committed to this business outside of the movies. Add his love of wrestling with his attributes, and you have an individual that could turn this into a career.

At the end of the day, with his injury history, Gronkowski unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of years left in the NFL. With that, as long as the money is right, it’s a no-brainer that Rob Gronkowski should join the WWE for his post-football career.

Photo Credit Chris O’Meara/Associated Press.

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