Should Daniel Bryan Leave WWE?


Since being forced to retire, Daniel Bryan has promised fans one day he will return to in-ring competition either it being in the WWE or leaving and wrestling in the Indies or NJPW.

This is something fans don’t want to see happen and don’t want to even be a thought in Bryan’s head and the reason why is because Bryan has admitted to suffering over a hundred concussions and if he were to get any more then he’ll never be able to wrestle or even do anything for the rest of his life.

Before the WWE. Bryan competed all around the world during his time as an independent wrestler, this is what got Bryan noticed to sign with the WWE, but due to an incident with a storyline invasion of the Nexus attacking everyone at ringside, Bryan would choke out WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts with his own necktie that fans and sponsors didn’t like that resulted in WWE releasing Bryan of his contract.

After going back to the independent circuit, it would take only two months before returning to the WWE, he would team with Team WWE against Team Nexus at Summerslam where Team WWE were victorious and Bryan would officially be a part of the Raw roster.

Over the next 4 years. Bryan would win every single and tag team title before being forced to retire in the beginning of 2016. In my opinion, Bryan already has done more than enough for his career, from the Indies to main eventing WrestleMania 30 and winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Even though he really didn’t get a long reign as champion, Bryan still did what so many people have dreamed of doing. This isn’t what former WWE superstars like; Cody Rhodes, CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio really got, even though Bryan’s career wasn’t as longer that he expected, he still had by far one of the best years of his life and shouldn’t hold anything against WWE or think about the possibility of going back to the independent circuit or Japan to wrestle against quite possibly the most hard-hitting wrestlers in the world.

Recently Bryan’s wife and former WWE Superstar Brie Bella gave birth to their daughter named Birdie Joe Danielson. This should really make Bryan realize that if he gets injured once more that this will affect not only himself, but also his family we recently started and the job as Smackdown Live General Manager is the best position for him and his family.

Photo credit: Pro Wrestling Sheet.

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