Should Carmelo Anthony Retire?


The NBA has treated its superstars well, but one player that should consider retirement is none other than Carmelo Anthony. After spending time with three different franchises over the course of fifteen years in the league, his ringless legacy is just a side note to an otherwise successful career. In the Olympics, Anthony was a factor in the United States men’s basketball team bringing home gold.

Viewed as one of the best offensive players in his prime, Anthony is now seeking a departure via trade from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Per rumors, the top destinations for Anthony include the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers.

When Carmelo Anthony entered the NBA, he was coming off of a National Championship season at Syracuse back in 2003. While Anthony made an impact with the Denver Nuggets in his early years, he eventually desired a one-way ticket out of Colorado.

From there, Anthony found himself in Madison Square Garden, representing the New York Knicks. In the later stages of his career, the infamous feud with Phil Jackson began to take over the locker room. In result, the Knicks eventually moved on from both Anthony and Jackson.

Just last year, Anthony found himself traded to the Thunder to play alongside an MVP in Russell Westbrook, as well as a powerhouse in Paul George. Based on his personal play, it’s obvious that the NBA is growing with talent, while Anthony continues to diminish his legacy. While he believes he can provide himself as an asset to any contender in the league, the right move for Carmelo Anthony would be to explore retirement.

Not only do I expect Anthony to play with Houston or Los Angeles in 2018, but also believe he will not see himself in the Hall of Fame anytime soon. Without rings or outstanding records, Anthony is just a first-class talent that had the cards stacked against him.

Based on his track record, Carmelo Anthony is a winner. That alone can be justified by looking into his college and Olympic numbers. With that being said, the best move for Anthony at this current moment is to retire from the NBA, rather than destroy front offices and cap spaces around the league.


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