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Should Canelo Be Allowed to Fight GGG Still?


The date of May 5th could quite possibly emerge as the biggest rematch in boxing history, with Canelo Alvarez and Gennday Golovkin scheduled to get in the ring. With breaking news that Alvarez has tested positive for steroid-like substances, and despite most fighters being suspended for an occurrence such as this, the bout is somehow still on.

According to Alvarez, he claims that this was due to contaminated meats. Over the past, this has reportedly happened to many other fighters. After the news broke, it was announced that Alvarez will be changing his training camps from Mexico to America. Despite still having two months to train for his biggest fight ever, should he still be able to fight?

This has never happened prior in his career, but could this be Alvarez’s attempt to an advantage in order to win the fight? After drawing in his initial match, I’m still not sure we’re claiming Alvarez is a cheater by any means. Without any other clear evidence on the table, the only theory that most point to involves just how far Alvarez would go in order to defeat Golovkin.

At this rate, anything could happen. Will the result be influenced a “boost” of sorts, or will it come from natural circumstances? While Golovkin contains what many call the iron chin, Alvarez has a cannon when it comes to power. Will this be a night to remember, or a night we will beg to forget?

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