Should Ambrose Turn on Rollins?


Since reuniting at Summerslam to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions, all the way to reuniting the Shield at Survivor Series alongside Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have been on a roll. That was at least until they lost the Raw Tag titles to Sheamus and Cesaro, as Ambrose and Rollins have been on a bumpy road to getting back the gold that they once held in a dominant fashion.

In mid-2014, Rollins turned his back on the Shield for fame and glory. After three years, Rollins reunited with Ambrose, despite Ambrose being suspicious that Rollins hadn’t changed whatsoever, and that Rollins would once again turn on him. That was until they won the Raw Tag titles, and held them for two and a half months before the loss against Sheamus and Cesaro before Survivor Series.

Now that Ambrose and Rollins aren’t really in a contender spot for the Tag Team titles, it looks as if they may disband sooner rather than later. On the other hand, the thing with the WWE is that nothing ever really ends nicely for tag teams, and 2017 proved that fact when numerous tag teams broke up. What if this happens with Ambrose and Rollins?

The WWE is full of endless moments, just like when Rollins turned his back on Ambrose initially. The tables can turn, and Rollins could be the victim in this turn of events if Ambrose decides to do what Rollins did to him a few years back. That would shock the WWE universe, and it would likely lead to a WrestleMania match between the two. That would have the potential to be a Match of the Year candidate, if pulled off properly.

Who knows exactly what may happen leading up to 2018. Ambrose and Rollins could be Tag Team champions again, Rollins could easily walk away from the team, or Ambrose can turn on Rollins once and for all. The way things are shaping up now, 2018 is going to be nothing short of shocking for the WWE universe.

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