Seahawks Money Issues

Two big-name players still remain without a contract extension: linebacker Bobby Wagner and of course quarterback Russell Wilson. Both men have made huge contributions to the Seahawks’ recent success over the years, but how will the team keep everyone together for future years to come? 

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton just received an extension worth over 100 million dollars, so that gives you a vague outline of what Wilson is looking for. If the Seahawks plan to keep Wilson as their franchise quarterback, they’d have to put all their eggs (meaning cap space) into one basket. 

With Wagner on the other hand, he had 100+ tackles last season, including two sacks to go along with it. If Wagner were to be let go somehow, it would be a painful blow to the “Legion of Boom”, considering Wagner is one of the main pieces to the puzzle. Wagner would be looking to receive an extension worth about 8 million a year, but the Seahawks are probably looking to save every dollar they can at the moment. The reports suggest that the Seahawks are in disscussions with Wagner in days to come, and that the Wilson contract is most likely on hold until the management can figure out certain smaller contracts first.

The problem with both of these men is that you must sign one of them before time runs out. If by some chance no one was signed before 2015 ends, the franchise tag could only be used on one player. This means that if both Wagner and Wilson aren’t signed by the end of next season, one of them will be most likely be leaving the team due to lack of money. 

Nowadays cap space becomes the biggest issue for teams in the NFL, and the Seahawks’ are just a victim to the business. Expect for both Wagner and Wilson to be offered, but Wagner may be the one most likely to find a new home next season. 

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