Sandoval Benched For Opening Day

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On Thursday, Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell stated that Pablo Sandoval will not be starting at third base on opening day against the Cleveland Indians.

According to the Boston Herald, Sandoval was even happy with this choice because “it’s what gives the team the best chance of winning”.

Sandoval has been having weight issues since the start of Spring, yet Farrell noted that Sandoval came into came with only 17% body fat. Other than weight issues, perhaps the biggest reason for this move was his mediocre performances in exhibition games.

Sandoval has been underperforming compared to Travis Shaw, who is currently batting .474 with an OPS of 1.237 in just 14 games.

Pablo Sandoval signed with the Red Sox for five years and $95 million dollars. Shaw on the other hand is only signed for the $500,000 minimum.

When this topic first came up, it reminded me of CC Sabathia. Two guys that are most likely past their prime and stuck in franchises based on their overpaid salaries.

For now the Red Sox will put their eggs into Travis Shaw’s basket, a man who hasn’t played as an everyday third baseman since his time at Kent State.

In a division that is so equal in talent, time will tell if the Red Sox made the right choice by benching a former All-Star in Pablo Sandoval.

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