San Francisco Giants Sign Johnny Cueto

David Goldman/Associated Press

This offseason the free agency market was filled with all star pitchers, Johnny Cueto was the last on the market left to sign. After today that is not the case,  the San Francisco Giants sign Cueto to a six year deal worth $130 million. He spent half of last season with Cincinnati Reds before getting traded to Kansas City Royals helping the team win the World Series.

in 32 starts last season between the two teams, Cueto had a record of 11-13, 3.44 ERA,176 strikeouts, and WHIP of 1.13.  Reds were a team that a lot of people has their eyes on, to maybe make the playoffs. That was not the case, and the team is heading into a rebuilding stage. Cueto still had an average season as Reds number one pitcher. The team knew that they were not going to make the playoffs, and Cueto had a lot of trade value so the team shipped him to the Royals before the MLB Trade Deadline.

Cueto has been a consistent strikeout pitchers for a reason, he has a great arm, knowing where to throw the ball in the zone. Expect him to throw a good 5-7 innings, allowing less then three runs a game, striking out more then six batters a game.  He can average over 120 strikeouts, and double digit wins per season. His ERA might not be good during his career, but throwing over 120 strikeouts a season makes up for it. Cueto can be the number one starter, but he is more better suited as a number  two guy as of late.

San Francisco’s top three in the rotation looks scary good right now with the signing of Cueto. Adding him into a rotation that already has Madison Bumgarner and Jeff Samardzija, who the team signed earlier this offseason, the Giants look like a tough team to contend with in the National League, and in the NL West. Getting a guy like Cueto fixes one of the major problems the team had last season.

Now that Cueto got the multimillion dollar deal he has been searching for all offseason. He now has to prove it by being a fantastic pitcher at the number two spot of the Giants rotation. He is used to being the top guy in Cincinnati. That changes with San Francisco, the team already has the top guy in Bumgarner. The team is paying him to be a number two starter. If he can produce good numbers at number two spot, then the money will not be a difference.

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