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Saban Proposes Changes to College Football


Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban will likely go down as one of the greatest coaches in college football history. He has won five championships, and obviously has a lot of credibility in today’s era. As fans, we have to know that when Nick Saban speaks, it’s important to listen at all times. I personally love his press conferences, due to the fact that no topic is excluded by any means.

In a recent sit-down, Saban mentioned how he would like to change the game. The following propositions included changing the out-of-conference schedules, expanding the college football playoff format, the required number of wins to get in bowls, etc. Here is my take on all of the aforementioned ideas:

I have to agree with Coach Saban on the out-of-conferences schedules. What about having more in-conference games? However, the majority of athletic directors don’t really want to do that anytime soon. The main reason is probably that they don’t want to mess up their projected records in the upcoming seasons. However, the ultimate goal is to win a national championship. There are about 120 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), so there is work to be done when it comes to compensating for all of the teams in terms of postseason play.

As far as expanding the college football playoff format, we know it will be a long time before any consideration can be made. Would you expanded to eight teams? Twelve? Sixteen? There are a lot of D1 football teams, so chances are that you won’t be able to please everybody in the end. However, if you expand the playoff format, which could happen in the distant future, I believe the bowl system would take a massive hit.

There are bowl games that really need to be either reduced, or gotten rid of. I think the biggest mistake on behalf of the NCAA was to continually add more bowl games through the last two decades. At that point, it became a money grab for a lot of cities in the US.

In terms of the bowl games, it could use some reducing, as most match ups don’t quite live up to their hype. Saban feels there are too many teams that receive an opportunity to win a bowl game, as we have seen mediocre teams receive unearned merits. Saban wants to raise the requirement to win a bowl game to be a minimum of seven wins or so during the course of the regular season.

This happens to be a great idea for the other teams that don’t make the playoffs. There were years that some select bowl games would have teams that had less than six wins. There are some conferences out there that have a fair amount of bottom feeders. Overall, Saban has shined a light within the problems surrounding the NCAA, and time will tell if he requests are met

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