Ryan Howard & Ryan Zimmerman Both Suing Al Jazeera


Ah… PEDs.. Steroids… HGH. All have been consistently involved in the America’s #1 Past Time. From Jose Canseco to Alex Rodriguez. From Barry Bonds to Mark McGwire and more. We have have been through many PED drug cases. Unfortunately, PEDs are at the forefront of MLB again. Last week, Al Jazeera, a Middle Eastern news outlet, made allegations that stars such as Peyton Manning, Ryan Howard, Ryan Zimmermann and others in the documentary, “The Dark Side”.

All players have denied the allegations. Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman have taken it a step further, and are now suing Al Jazeera for defamation. This may forecast the other players mentioned to also sue Al Jazeera. Peyton Manning has already mentioned he was going to wait until the NFL Season is over to decide whether or not he will file a suit towards Al Jazeera.

This one can go either way. Could it be that Al Jazeera wanted to rock the boat a little bit and get ratings? That’s very likely. Al Jazeera has been called a propaganda outlet for the Qatari government and it’s foreign policy.

The outcome of this madness puts all credibility on the line for their network. This can either substantially increase it, if their allegations are proven to be true, or this can kill all credibility if this case is proven to be a flat out lie. Until the investigation is over, your guess is as good as mine.


(Photo Credit to AP Photo)


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