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Rory McIlroy Feeling “100%”



On Monday, PGA stud Rory McIlroy confirmed that he is ready to take part in the PGA championship this coming Thursday. McIlroy was previously set aside due to a ruptured ankle ligament  during the 4th of July weekend. McIlroy would go on to say the following: 

“If anything, my ankle feels even better when I swing hard.”

If this is true, then we are about to see a whole lot of excitement on Thursday. McIlroy is one of the best golfers in the world, and there is no doubt that he adds an extra element to the game. 

He has been grouped with Johnson and the Masters and US Open champion, Jordan Spieth, for the first two rounds of the championship, the year’s final major.

Will we see the same old McIlroy that we are used to? Golfers tend to struggle when returning from serious injuries, but I have reason to believe that McIlroy will be just fine come tee-time on Thursday. 

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