Romo Impresses in Debut Against Eagles


After sitting out for the the entire 2016 regular season behind Dak Prescott due to injury, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo got to make his season debut against NFC East rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Prescott would be announced the starter for the game on Sunday, but Romo would enter the game in the second quarter with 13:00 left in the half.

Right off the bat, Romo would showcase his arm, attempting a 40+ pass attempt to Terrance Williams. Although it was incomplete, it was nice to know that he is still capable of throwing the deep ball. 

In his first drive of the 2016-17 season, Romo would pass for a three-yard touchdown to wideout Terrance Williams in an impressive 2:49 time span. 

That drive would be the only drive presented by Romo in Philadelphia, but it was impressive to say the least. Romo would finish 3/4 for 29 yards, accomplishing a 134.0 QBR. 

Obviously the sample is too short to bet on Romo for the postseason, and it’s almost guaranteed that Prescott will be the stater heading into January, but props to Romo when it comes to getting back on the field and staying efficient. 

The newest question in Dallas will be how to handle Romo after the season ends. Will they trade him to the Broncos? Jets? 49ers? 

Perhaps you cut him, as Romo requested earlier in the year, yet the cap hit in Dallas would be a lot to handle. One alternative is to have Romo adjust his contract and keep him as a mentor/backup to Prescott, in order to help the Cowboys franchise. 

The Cowboys have a first-round bye week heading into the postseason, and will be sure to rest their guys, including Dak Prescott, as much as possible during their time off. 

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