Rodriguez Hits 30 HRs, Ties Hank Aaron’s Record

For the first time since the 2010 MLB season, New York Yankees power hitter Alex Rodriguez has 30 home runs to his name. His solo shot with a full count would tie the game 1-1 against the Baltimore Orioles.

This marks the 15th time in A-Rod’s career in which he has hit 30+ home runs in one season (Rodriguez has played 21 seasons). The most Rodriguez has ever hit in one season? 57 homeruns, coming from when he was 26-years old, playing with the Texas Rangers at the time. 

Tuesday night’s home run marks a special milestone. The only players ever to hit 30+ home runs in fifteen different seasons have been A-Rod and legend Hank Aaron. 

Rodriguez has been full of surprises, and deserves a lot of credit when it comes to the Yankees success. Will the success continue? The Toronto Blue Jays may be trouble down that road when it comes to the AL East title. 

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