Ring Of Honor 15th Anniversary Show Recap



Live From Las Vegas, Nevada


  • Singles Match



Kenny King With Caprice Coleman Vs Jay White


Jay White Wins Via A Rollup after reversing The Royal Flush


Rate: 2.5 Stars

  1.  6 Man Mayhem Match For Number 1 Contendership for ROH Television Title


Frankie Kazarian Vs Hangman Page Vs Chris Sabin Vs Punishment Martinez Vs Cheeseburger Vs Silas Young.


Frankie Kazarian Wins Via Ace Of Spades On Cheeseburger and earns a future World Television Title Shot.

  1. Singles Match


Bobby  Fish Vs Jay Lethal


Jay Lethal Wins Via Lethal Injection


Rate: 4 Stars

  1. 6 Man Tag Team Match For 6 Man Tag Team Titles


The Kingdom Vs Dalton Castle & The Boys


The Kingdom Wins & Retain 6 Man Tag Team Titles


Rate: 2.5 Stars

  1. ROH Television Title Match


Marty Scrull Vs Lio Rush


Marty Scrull Wins Via Crossface Chickenwing & Retains ROH Television Title


Rate: 3.5 Stars

  1. 6 Man Tag Team Match


War Machine & Davey Boy Smith Jr. Vs The Briscoe Brothers & Bully Ray


The Briscoe Brothers & Bully Ray Win After a 3 way 3-D On Raymond Rowe

Rate: 3 Stars


Post Match: Davey Boy Smith Jr & Raymond Rowe have a brawl until it gets broken up.

  1.  3 Way Las Vegas Street Fight For ROH Tag Team Titles


Hardy Boys Vs Young Bucks Vs Roppingi Vice


Hardy Boys win & Retain ROH Tag Team Titles After Jeff Hardy Jumps off a ladder and hits a Swanton Bomb On Trent through a table


Rate: 4.5 Stars


  1. ROH World Title Match


Adam Cole Vs Christopher Daniels


Christopher Daniels Wins ROH World Title after hitting 3 Best Moonsaults Ever after a distraction from Frankie Kazarian.

FINAL THOUGHTS: To say that ROH’s 15th Anniversary Show exceeded expectations would be a massive understatement. In hindsight, the fact that this PPV had practically no buzz at all going into it probably worked in its favor. Everything on the card had the chance to be good, but nobody really knew what to expect. When the dust settled, we ended up with a fantastic night of wrestling from ROH. There really weren’t any matches that stood out as a potential Match of the Year candidate, but there was a lot of great on this card. Fish vs. Lethal, Scurll vs. Rush, and the Las Vegas Street Fight are all viable contenders for Match of the Night, depending on what you like in your wrestling. The Six-Man Mayhem was easily the surprise of the night, as all six guys worked very hard to put together a thoroughly entertaining match. Nothing on this show was bad, and even the worst match on the show was still pretty good. Obviously, Christopher Daniels finally capturing the ROH World Title is an awesome moment, especially for longtime ROH fans. It’s a very cool move in the short term, but in the long term? I’m not so sure, especially with the company’s inability to retain talent in the last year. It should also be noted that this is the most active the ROH World Title has been in its history, as we’ve seen four title changes in the last seven months. Granted, it’s nowhere close to what WWE has done with their World Titles in the last twenty years, but still, I don’t like the fact that ROH World Title has become a hot potato. Hopefully that changes in the future, but time will ultimately tell. Even with a number of valid critiques, this was still an excellent PPV outing from ROH, and it was one of the best major wrestling shows in 2017, up to this point. I said last year that All-Star Extravaganza VIII (which featured Ladder War VI) was probably the best traditional PPV that ROH had produced in the Sinclair Era, but this show certainly gives it a run for its money, and in the view of some, it might even be better. ROH has gone through a lot of turmoil in the last year (a lot of that criticism has been, and continues to be, deserved and totally justified), but on this night, they still proved that they can deliver when it comes to major shows. The wrestling was great up and down the card, the new commentary team delivered in a big way, and as a whole, ROH really knocked it out of the park with this PPV.

Featured Photo Credit: Sportskeeda.com

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