Revival or Retirement Time for Carmelo Anthony?


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Per reports, Carmelo Anthony recently parted ways with the Houston Rockets after only ten games with the team. Due to their rough start, Anthony was perhaps used as a scapegoat for the Rocket’s early inconsistencies.

From a once promising future champion to a career full of many setbacks, Anthony isn’t what he used to be when he first entered the NBA. After 8 seasons with the Denver Nuggets and 7 seasons with the New York Knicks, Anthony spent just one season with the Oklahoma City Thunder before his short-lived stint with the Houston Rockets.

It makes you question the future of Anthony’s career, and what team would take a chance on signing him. Per rumors, there is a chance that Anthony may take his talents to Puerto Rico’s national team in the future. It should be noted that Anthony was born to parents of Puerto Rican descent.

Select former players and current fans of the NBA feel as though Anthony would be better off retiring. His past accolades include being named the rookie challenge MVP in 2005, the scoring champion in 2013, a 10-time All-Star, as well as one bronze medal and 3 gold medals in the Olympic games for Team USA. Anthony has done enough to prove that he has held an amazing NBA career, and retiring now would be the smartest route.

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