Report: Yankees Unlikely to Secure Machado


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On Wednesday, it was reported by Hector Gomez that the race for Manny Machado is down to two franchises: The Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago White Sox.

These reports were later reinforced by Jon Heyman, who claimed the Yankees and Machado have not been active in negotiations in recent weeks. In fact, New York failed to even make the free agent an official offer. Per Heyman, it is said that the Yankees failed to come close to a $300M offer, let alone his target price of over $325M.

In terms of payroll in 2019, the Chicago White Sox have a bit more room than the Philadelphia Phillies. The White Sox rank 3rd in cap space, while the Phillies rank 16th. It makes sense that the Yankees would not pay Machado his desired amount, considering the franchise ranks 23rd in available cap space.

Based on outside reports, it is believed that both Philadelphia and Chicago are finding it difficult to meet Manny Machado’s desired salary.

Does Philadelphia spend every last penny in order to attract Machado, or will Chicago cash in on the superstar and seek out the bigger picture?

Featured Image: Brad Penner, USA Today

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