Report: Colin Kapernick Banned From Watching 49ers Game On Sidelines

Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

From having an awful season to getting demoted to second string Quarterback This season for San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kapernick has been nothing but a nightmare. This story took another twist. CSN Bay Area reports that the team has banned Kapernick from watching the game this weekend vs Cincinnati Bengals on the sidelines for physical safety concerns. Kapernick is recovering from a torn labrum, that put him on season ending IR ending his season.

In the games that Kapernick has missed, the team did not look better with Blaine Gabbert, besides the first game that he started. Gabbert is not the long term solution in San Francisco, but right now he is an ok quarterback. Once the offseason hits, the team needs to find a quarterback of the future. Kapernick is most likely going to be gone, unless the team decides to give him another chance, even though his cap hit next season is huge.

This story has taken a lot of turns this season, from the demoting, to being out for the season, to now being banned from the sidelines. It is confusing on why the team would do that. It is not really going to hurt the team to have Kapernick on the sidelines, watching the game as long as his arm is in a cast and he is not taking any snaps or doing any physical activity during the game. This story is far from over, it will probably not will be over until the season ends and the team decides if they want to move on from him or keep him.

Best thing for the team to do right now, is to keep losing games, tanking for a top five overall draft pick. With the draft pick, the team should go after a quarterback someone like a Jarod Goff quarterback out of California. Most scouts have him as the best quarterback in  in the draft. Goff is a California guy, who would be a good fit if the team wants to take the direction of drafting a franchise quarterback. It might take him a few years to become good but it will be worth it.

For Kapernick, it is a case of when is the team going to get rid of me. It is easy to tell that he wants out of there looking at what we saw this past season.  He looking out of place in the offense. Kapernick needs a restart in his career, going to a place like Philadelphia Eagles would be perfect. The team that needs a quarterback and the offensive system the team runs fits Kapernick so well.



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