Rays beat Blue Jays due to Chase Utley Rule


Last night was full of controversy, as the Rays beat the Blue Jays. The final score was 3-2, in favor of the Rays. John Gibbons was not a big fan of the rule. The decision that the Chase Utley rule was broken was made by replay officials.

In the 9th inning, score tied 2-2 with one out the bases were loaded. Edwin Encarnacion hit a groundball. After a throw from Evan Longoria to force the runner at second, Logan Forsythe made an errant relay to first. Following the relay, was a go ahead run.

Kevin Cash challenged the play, claiming Jose Bautista broke the Chase Utley Rule. The replay umpires in New York ruled that Bautista’s slide was not directly into the bag and that it illegally hindered Forsythe. The play was changed to a double play, keeping the score 2-2 before Tampa won 3-2. The call was overturned after a delay of one minute and thirty seconds. “It turned the game into a joke.” said Gibbons “That’s flat embarrassing, it cost us the chance to win a major league game.”.

After the game Gibbons also said “Maybe we’ll come out wearing dresses. Maybe that’s what everybody is looking for.”. Bautista said “I feel like I respect the rule that the slide was clean.”. Undoubtedly many Blue Jays fans also disagreed with this call. But Tampa fans can’t be mad about it. So what do you think? Was the slide clean?


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