Ray Allen Has Offer On Table From Miami


Everyone who knows basketball, knows that over in Golden State, there is some point guard named Steph Curry who is making noise. He is already in the conversation for the greatest point guards of all time, and whether or not that’s justified, it’s happening.

Some say he is the great three point shooter to ever play the game. However, he does not have the all time record. The man that holds that stat is none other than the great Ray Allen. He has drained 2,973 three pointers, which is 413 more then the great Reggie Miller. He also holds a higher 3 point field goal percentage. However, can that lead grow?

It’s been rumored for 2 years that the Miami Heat have been trying to bring back the 40 year old future Hall of Famer and there is reportedly an offer on the table for him to return. There is little doubt in many basketball minds that Ray Allen can drop at least 15-20 a game. That three point stroke mixed with his basketball IQ makes him one of the best.

It wasn’t too long ago when Ray Allen saved the Miami Heat in 2013 when Ray Allen sank in the devastating 3 pointer against the Spurs to help Miami seal their second consecutive NBA Championship with LeBron James.

There is no word on the dollar amount. Many would imagine the deal wouldn’t be much more then a one year deal. However, if Ray Allen does decide to sign, things will undoubtedly get more interesting on the Eastern Conference.


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