Ravens Zach Orr Retires at 24 


By the time most NFL athletes are at the age of 24, you may classify them as “their prime”. For Ravens linebacker Zach Orr, he has announced that he is deciding to hang it up and retire from the NFL. 

Orr injured his neck on Christmas Day against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and through a CT scan, he found out that his injury was actually something he was born with. 

“The CT scan revealed that I had a condition I was born with that less than one percent of the world has,” Orr said. “At the top of my spine, it was never formed completely. That puts me at a real increased risk.”

Orr lead the Ravens in tackles with 132 in the 2016-17 regular season, as the team came just short of qualifying for the postseason. On top of that, he also had three interceptions, a forced fumble, and two fumble recoveries. 

While the Ravens will miss the presence of Orr, who was an up and coming elite linebacker in the league, it’s important to note that this is indeed the best move for him. 

Best of luck to Zach Orr in the future, and we here at The Athletes Hub will keep him in our thoughts. 

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