Ranking The Rookies: 2019 Quarterbacks


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The 2019 NFL Draft is behind us, and in the process, we found eleven quarterbacks selected through seven rounds. We asked five analysts from The Athletes Hub to rank the quarterbacks #1-11 based on who will have the brightest career. Here is where the numbers stood:

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11. Trace McSorley, Baltimore Ravens (Round 6, Pick #199) (Highest: #8, Lowest: #11, Average: 10.4/11)

Four of the five representatives agreed that Baltimore Ravens QB Trace McSorley held the worst odds of posing a successful NFL career. Although his numbers at Penn State fare better than Philadelphia Eagles QB Clayton Thorson, McSorley is within the worst situation among his fellow prospects.

Lamar Jackson, 22, played well enough last season for the Ravens to move on from Super Bowl Champion QB Joe Flacco. With that, it’s unlikely that McSorley will see any success under Baltimore’s system, pending injuries or sudden declines.

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10. Clayton Thorson, Philadelphia Eagles (Round 5, Pick #168) (Highest: #5, Lowest: #10, Average: 8.8/11)

Once holding the top backup quarterback in the NFL in Nick Foles, the Philadelphia Eagles now turn to backup options in Nate Sudfeld, Luis Perez, and Northwestern QB Clayton Thorson. Although Thorson is within a depleted depth chart with an injury prone starter, his statistics are worrisome.

With 27 INT thrown over the course of the last two seasons at the collegiate level, Thorson will be forced to impress the front office enough to be valued on the active roster in 2019. It should be noted that while one representative from The Athletes Hub ranked Thorson with the fifth-best odds at having a successful career, three others ranked him with the tenth-best odds.

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9. Gardner Minshew, Jacksonville Jaguars (Round 6, Pick #179) (Highest: #8, Lowest: #9, Average: 8.6/11)

The Jacksonville Jaguars recently committed to QB Nick Foles, and also contain QB Cody Kessler within the depth chart as well. Still, Kessler has proven to be underwhelming through his short career, giving QB Gardner Minshew a chance to climb up the ranks.

While Minshew won’t see a starting role in Jacksonville anytime soon, the soon-to-be 23-year old has the fundamentals to be successful. In his 2018 season at Washington State, Minshew finished with 4,779 passing yards, 38 TD, and 9 INT.

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8. Jarrett Stidham, New England Patriots (Round 4, Pick #134) (Highest: #6, Lowest: #11, Average: 8/11)

Although New England Patriots QB Tom Brady will be 42 in August, not many expect for Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham to thrive. For now, Stidham is stuck competing against Brian Hoyer and Danny Etling for the immediate backup position for the upcoming season.

As a fourth-round selection, there is certainly room for Stidham to find success at the NFL level. As long as Bill Belichick remains within New England post-Brady, whoever finds themselves as the heir to the future Hall of Fame QB should feel comfortable about their chance to find success.

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7. Easton Stick, Los Angeles Chargers (Round 5, Pick #167) (Highest: #6, Lowest: #9, Average: 7.6/11)

The Los Angeles Chargers contain a total of four quarterbacks on the current roster, and that includes backup options in Tyrod Taylor, Cardale Jones, and now Easton Stick. While the depth chart sounds clustered, both Taylor and Jones could potentially depart from the Chargers after the 2019 season.

Easton Stick has talent, but it remains to be seen whether he is the future of the Chargers organization. Drafted in the fifth round, it’s important to remember that the contract of Philip Rivers is set to conclude after the upcoming season.

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6. Ryan Finley, Cincinnati Bengals (Round 4, Pick #105) (Highest: #6, Lowest: #7, Average: 6.6/11) (7, 7, 6, 6, 7)

With Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton finishing each of the last 3 seasons with a winning record below .500, there is concern about whether the team needs to bring in a fresh face. According to The Athletes Hub representatives, the Bengals should at least give Finley an opportunity.

Three of the representatives granted Ryan Finley with the seventh-best odds at success, while the other two granted him at #6. Dalton has two years remaining on his contract in which he will warrant a cap hit worth a total of $33.9M.

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5. Daniel Jones, New York Giants (Round 1, Pick #6) (Highest: #4, Lowest: #10, Average: 5.4/11) (4, 10, 4, 4, 5)

Although Duke QB Daniel Jones was selected with the #6 overall pick by the New York Giants, his expectations are lower than expected. Eli Manning may play his role as a valuable mentor, but can Jones really hold his own in such a competitive division?

Four of five representatives from The Athletes Hub ranked Daniel Jones within the top five, but none ranked him in the top three. Regarded as an early reach, the odds are certainly against Jones to begin with.

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4. Will Grier, Carolina Panthers (Round 3, Pick #101) (Highest: #3, Lowest: #5, Average: 4.2/11)

Drafted two rounds later than New York Giants QB Daniel Jones, Carolina Panthers QB Will Grier is expected to have a more successful career. After QB Cam Newton missed a small handful of games in 2018, there may be concern that he won’t be the long-term answer for the Panthers. In addition, his winning percentage of 56.2% doesn’t scream “elite” to most.

All the representatives from The Athletes Hub have Will Grier ranked within their top five, but only one has him ranked as high as #3. Assuming Newton, at the age of 29, isn’t the solution for the long haul, Grier may find a chance at success within the coming years.

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3. Dwayne Haskins, Washington Redskins (Round 1, Pick #15) (Highest: #1, Lowest: #3, Average: 2.4/11)

The Washington Redskins made the right decision to wait out the first round of the NFL Draft and snagged Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins in return. With a variety of injuries at this position within the organization, it’s obvious that Haskins is the next chapter for the Redskins.

Although a representative from The Athletes Hub ranked Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray at #5, Haskins was edged out by 0.2 in terms of an average ranking. While both prospects will have their opportunities at success, it will be interesting to see which makes the most of their given moment.

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2. Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals (Round 1, Pick #1) (Highest: #1, Lowest: #5, Average: 2.2/11)

To no surprise, Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray has one of the best expected career outcomes. Once viewed as a baseball prospect for the Oakland Athletics, Murray turned himself into the next face of the 2019 NFL Draft class.

While there is some risk surrounding Murray, he still has weapons around him. The front office spent 6 alternative picks on the offensive side of the ball, and still contain talents in RB David Johnson and future Hall of Fame WR Larry Fitzgerald.

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1. Drew Lock, Denver Broncos (Round 2, Pick #42) (Highest: #1, Lowest: #3, Average Placement: 1.8/11)

Although Drew Lock wasn’t selected in the first round, every analyst within The Athletes Hub projected him as a top three rookie quarterback. In fact, not a single representative placed Lock below the #3 slot.

The days are limited for QB Joe Flacco, who will likely play as a mentor to Lock throughout the 2019 season. While the Denver Broncos don’t have an elite roster to set up around Lock, it’s a fair counterpoint to state that almost every quarterback noted has similar roster issues.

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