Ranking the 2015-16 Playoff Quarterbacks 


This postseason will be like no other. With Kirk Cousins on the rise and Aaron Rodgers on the decline, there is no telling on who will wind up in this years Super Bowl. Here is who ranks where when it comes to the quarterback position: 

12. A.J. McCarron

Although he has not thrown an interception in three straight games, McCarron’s ability to throw the football does not impres me. Managing an average of 208 passing yards a game, I just have a hard time believing that he is developed enough to win a postseason game. 

11. Brian Hoyer

In week one against the Kansas City Chiefs, Hoyer threw for 236 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. His numbers have continued to be unimpressive this year, causing the Texans to switch at the quarterback position on multiple occasions. Hoyer has thrown an interception in 4 of his last 5 games, so he will need to play small ball to have a chance. 

10. Teddy Bridgewater

I am a huge fan of Teddy “two gloves” Bridgewater, but you have to admit that he is inconsistent. From a 4 TD performance a few weeks back against Chicago to 99 yard game against GB last week, this guy worries me. The team will rely heavily on Adrian Peterson this weekend, but Bridgewater hasn’t proven much to me. 

9. Alex Smith

Alex Smith has always been a game manager, you hear it all the time. While I am impressed that he led his team to a playoff slot, I am not confident that he will go very far this year. He has only 7 INT on the season, but 4 of which have come in the past 4 weeks. 

8. Peyton Manning 

Yeah yeah yeah, Peyton Manning is one of the best to play the game and he’s way too low on the list. Is he really though? Even in his comeback game against San Diego, Manning missed multiple throws, and didn’t even throw a touchdown. Manning may go down as a top 10 QB of all time, but he lands at number eight for postseason rankings. 

7. Kirk Cousins

Yes Kirk, I really do like that. This man has been on fire the past few weeks, and he may even deserve to be higher on the list. Posting 11 TD in his last 3 games (without an interception), he has truly carried the Redskins to the postseason. While the team may be looked at as an underdog against Green Bay, I would not count out Captain Kirk quite yet. 

6. Aaron Rodgers

This man is another great QB that normally should find himself in the top 3, except you truly can’t do that. The season that Rodgers is having is one to forget. Putting up an INT in 5 of his last 6 games, the Packers have looked poor. At least everyone starts fresh in the playoffs, right? 

5. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben has had some troubles when it comes to interceptions, putting up 6 in the past 3 games, but has done the best to his ability. With Antonio Brown as his number one option, it will be very hard not to succeed. I believe Pittsburgh has a good shot this season, but it will take clean football from Roethlisberger to do so. 

4. Russell Wilson

People speculated that the Seahawks might not even be in the playoffs this season, but Russell Wilson has been spectacular. Throwing for 3+ TD in 6 of his last 7 games, the second half of the season has been very kind to the Seahawks. Wilson will need to keep it up as they face Minnesota this weekend, and ultimately look to run at the Super Bowl once again.

3. Carson Palmer

4,600+ passing yards and 35 TD is the reason Palmer finds himself at number three on this list. While his season hasn’t been as electric as Russell Wilson, he has played very smooth and smart football. The Cardinals may have the strongest case to represent the NFC this year, and I believe Carson Palmer will shine. 

2. Tom Brady

Patriots fans may not be pleased to see their quarterback here. I could see this team in the Super Bowl, and Tom Brady owns the postseason based on his history, but let’s get down to numbers. This team started 10-0, and then dropped 4 of their last 6 games. On top of that, Brady has thrown for a completion rating of less than 60% in 4 of his last 6 games. Brady owns a load of postseason records and finished in the top 3 for passing yards and TD passes this season, but you’ve got to admit that he did not finish the season the same way he started. 

1. Cam Newton 

The Panthers finished number one in points scored at 500 and are now in the playoffs for the third straight year due to Cam Newton. While he has thrown for 35 TD (one behind Brady), you also can’t forget that he is one of very few quarterbacks that can run the ball as well. Finishing with 10 rushing touchdowns, this guy can do just about anything. While he seems like a strong candidate for MVP, he is above all the other quarterbacks because of his ability to play dynamic football. 

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